Leaf Pickup

Fall Leaves

Your cooperation is needed in our effort to help the environment, ensure your safety and save tax payer dollars. Before you put leaves in a bage for removal, please consider the environmental benefits of mulching your own leaves and utilizing this free fertilizer on your own property!

Landscapers MUST take all yard debris with them. Landscapers are PROHIBITED from leaving bags of leaves and yard waste at curbside. Summonses will be issued for violations of this law.

Leaves and all yard waste must be placed in cans, paper bags or plastic bags.

During the autumn season, bags of leaves will be picked up with regular sanitation collection. A maximum of six (6) bags, weighing no more than 20 pounds each, will be picked up per day.

Do not rake or blow leaves into the street!

  • Raking or blowing leaves into the street becomes a safety hazard and is prohibited by the Village of Sea Cliff Code. Violations will be issued to both the homeowner and the landscaper if one is involved.


  • Composting is great for growing flowers and vegetables: it returns nutrients to the soil and saves Village labor and equipment costs as well as tipping fees. This keeps taxes low and is good for the environment. More information on composting is available at Village Hall