Garbage Procedures

Garbage cans must not be larger than 32 gallons. The weight of any such container when loaded shall not exceed 75 pounds, and the total weight of all containers shall not exceed 150 pounds.

  • All garbage shall be drained of surplus liquid, shall be properly bagged or wrapped and shall be placed in a nonleaking metal or plastic container with a tight-fitting cover with strong handles. The container shall be kept in a sanitary condition. The covers shall be kept secure and fastened at all times, except when depositing or removing garbage, so that flies, insects, dogs and other scavengers cannot gain access.
  • Brush and branches shall be tied in bundles not larger than four feet in length and 18 inches in diameter

  • Large items such as couches, chairs, mattresses and other bulky items will not be picked up with the normal garbage collection. You must call Village Hall for a special pickup. PLEASE BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL METAL FRAMES FROM SOFABEDS. Items larger than 4ft should be broken down to 4ft and under, whenever possible.

  • Injurious materials such as glass and metal with sharp edges, must be containerized so that the collector will not be injured handling them.
  • Glass should be broken out of windows, doors and mirrors, and should be containerized by placing the pieces in a cardboard box, sealing it and labeling it “glass”.
  • Any nails sticking out of a piece of wood must be removed or hammered down so that they are not sticking out and causing a potentially dangerous situation for the sanitation collector.
  • No loose garbage should be placed in your garbage can. All refuse should be bagged before entering your garbage pail.

Prohibited Materials- The Vilage of Sea Cliff CANNOT accept the following materials for cubside collection:

  • Construction, remodeling, repair and contract operations waste materials, such as bricks; plaster and plasterboard; shingles; roofing materials; concrete and asphalt; wooden pallets; and electrical and plumbing waste. These materials must be removed by a private contractor or brought by the homeowner (contractors not permitted) to the Village Yard on Saturday's between 10AM-2PM.
  • Hazardous wastes, which include products that are flammable or explosive; radioactive materials; disinfectants; pesticides; light bulbs; propane tanks; automobile fluids (not to include Motor Oil). These items may be disposed of properly at the Town of Oyster Bay Facility in Bethpage. 
  • Electronic Waste will not be collected at curbside. Items such as; televisions, computers, and printers should be brought to the Village Yard on Saturday's between 10AM-2PM