Sanitary Sewer Project

Street Map

The Sea Cliff Sanitary Sewer Project is close to completion. 

Several years ago the Village installed sewer lines on Sea Cliff Avenue from Main Avenue to Prospect Avenue and Roslyn Avenue from 15th Avnue to Sea Cliff Avenue.

We are now connecting the Sea Cliff Avenue to the wastewater treatment plant in Glen Cove.  This includes the following:

  • Prospect Avenue from Sea Cliff Avenue down to Carpenter Avenue (aka Snake Hill) where it will connect to the existing sewer line on the Boulevard which goes to the treatment plant in Glen Cove.
  • Maple Avenue - from Roslyn Avenue to Prospect Avenue
  • 12th Avenue – from Roslyn Avenue to Prospect Avenue
  • Summit Avenue – from 8th Avenue to Sea Cliff Avenue
  • Fairview Place – from dead end to Prospect Avenue
  • 8th Avenue – from Roslyn Avenue to Prospect Avenue
  • 7th Avenue - from Park Way to Prospect Avenue
  • Central Avenue - from Summit Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • Maple Avenue - from Roslyn Avenue to Prospect Avenue
  • 7th Avenue - from Summit Avenue to Prospect Avenue

While it is the ultimate goal to connect every property in Sea Cliff to a sanitary sewer line, it will take time due to fiscal constraints. It was decided many years ago that the priority would be our Business District and the properties closest to our waterfront for environmental reasons.  Further, all current plans are for properties that can be serviced via gravity lines as pumping stations are cost prohibitive at this time.

All properties that can connect to a sewer line will have a house connection put at their property line by the street. This house connection will be at a location and depth that will closely line up with the existing line coming out of your house. The connection from a private abode to the connection at the street can be done by any qualified plumber hired by the property owner at the property owner’s expense.

All properties that are part of the sewer design will be required by Nassau County to connect within two (2) years of the sewer becoming operational.  Additionally, these properties will become part of the Nassau County Sewer District and will be taxed accordingly.

If your property is in the sewer district and you want to connect, the Building Department can assist you.  You will need to submit an application to both Sea Cliff and Nassau County on the appropriate application form (see below).