Storm Water Management

In the Village of Sea Cliff, property owners are required to maintain storm water run-off on their own properties. Storm water runoff is precipitation that does not soak into the ground where it falls. This is one of the greatest threats to water quality. When water runs off yards, streets, and parking lots into storm sewers or directly into waterways, it carries with it sediments that clog streams and reduce oxygen in the water, as well as chemicals that poison aquatic ecosystems and can render water supplies undrinkable. Runoff also contributes to flooding.

Chapter 109 of the Sea Cliff Village Code is the Local Law that governs storm water run-off. The purpose of this law is to regulate of non-storm water discharges to the storm drains to the maximum extent practicable as required by federal and state law. The objectives of this law are to:

  • Meet the requirements of the SPDES General Permit for Storm water Discharges from MS4s;
  • Regulate the contribution of pollutants to the MS4 since such systems are not designed to accept, process or discharge non-storm water wastes;
  • Prohibit illicit connections, activities and discharges to the MS4;
  • Establish legal authority to carry out all inspection, surveillance and monitoring procedures necessary to ensure compliance with this Article II; and
  • Promote public awareness of the hazards involved in the improper discharge of trash, yard waste, lawn chemicals, pet waste, wastewater, grease, oil, petroleum products, cleaning products, paint products, hazardous waste, sediment and other pollutants into the MS4.

Storm Water Management and Control Law of the Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff

MS4 Annual Report 2022

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