Building Department

The Building Department

The Building Department is charged with the duties of enforcing the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code of New York State, the codes and ordinances of the County of Nassau as well as the codes and ordinances of the Village of Sea CliffNew York State Code Rules & Requlations (19NYCRR1203) requires permits for:

  1. Any structural work. I.e. anything that requires the use, cutting or affixing of things like 2×4’s, 2×6’s, 2×8’s or any type structural panels, etc.
  2. Any electrical work. I.e. any installation of new wire, cabinets, panels, sub panels and/or circuits. Replacement of light fixtures, switches and outlets do not require permits.
  3. Any plumbing. I.e. any cutting of, or soldering or connecting of any type of pipe or hose (pex) or system or portion of a system. Minor repairs such as replacement of stem washers, toilet fill valves, flappers and such do not require a permit.

The Village of Sea Cliff Code additionally requires permits for things such as changes in use, all paving (with one exception), fences over four feet high, retaining walls over two feet high, swimming pools, grading and/or an assortment of other improvements. These requirements may also include any more stringent requirements of the Building Code as permitted by and filed with the NY State Department of State. Check with the Building Department to determine whether or not a permit is required for your project before you start.

Other governmental agencies may have oversight on more specific things such as tank abandonments (NCDOH), bulkhead installations (NYSDEC & ACOE) and asbestos removal (NYSDOL). Please visit the Building Department for requirements regarding special projects such as these.

Any project may be subject to Planning or Zoning Board approvals as well as the Board of Architectural Review and/or the Landmarks Commission. Check with the Building Department before starting your project to determine any other oversight your project may be subject to.

Contractor Requirements

NY State requires all contractors to have Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance with some exceptions as oulined in the Prove It to Move It Program. Check with the Building Department for eligibility to the exceptions.

Licensing & Registrations

Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs requires that the contractors, working on residences of one and two family dwellings, be licensed. The license issued is specific to the task undertaken. This means, for example, a contractor licensed for masonry work cannot do painting, carpenters cannot do roofing, and painters cannot install sheetrock, etc. unless their license specifically allows them to do so.  Nassau County requires contractors to have Liability Insurance in addition to Worker’s Compensation and Disability. The license and insurance is required by the County whether or not a building permit is applicable.

The Village of Sea Cliff Code requires all of the above and further requires landscapers and plumbers to be licensed in the Village and Electricians to be registered with the Village.

The Environmental Protection (EPA) requires any contractor of any type to be EPA Lead-Safe Certified if there is a disturbance (scraping, cutting or sanding) of any area greater than six square feet in a building built prior to 1978.

Please keep all of the above in mind when contemplating your next project.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Shane Dommin Building Inspector
Carl Rumatoski Building Inspector
Jennifer Gerrity Building Dept Coordinator, BSI
Sarah Beaudin Building Dept Coordinator, BSI 516-671-0080 ext 2