Water Supply

Sea Cliff Water District
Sea Cliff Water District

The Mayor and Board of Trustees is steadfast in assuring the delivery of safe drinking water which is critical to the public health and well-being of all Sea Cliff residents. 

Our water supply is owned and controlled by a private company, currently New York American Water.  The "Sea Cliff District" of New York American Water includes Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing and portions of Roslyn Harbor and Old Brookville.

The NYS DEC establishes water quality standards and other criteria for many specific substances. These standards can be either narrative (e.g., "none in amounts that will impair ...") or numeric (e.g., "0.001 µg/L") and are found in NYS regulation 6 NYCRR Part 703.  Additionally, The NYS Department of Health oversees the delivery of drinking water to ensure that it is suitable for people to drink. To assure the safety of drinking water the New York Department of Health, in cooperation with its partners in the county health departments, regulates the operation, design and quality of public water supplies.

NYS has recently adopted the most stringent standards for drinking water in the nation and these new standards take effect this spring.  Included in these standards are maximum contaminant levels, or MCLs, for three chemicals — 10 parts per trillion each for PFOA and PFOS, and an MCL of 1 part per billion for 1,4-Dioxane.

There are two wells in the "Sea Cliff Water District" - one in Sea Cliff and one in Glen Head. None of these emerging contaminates have been found in the Sea Cliff well but at the Glen Head well they have detected PFOS in the amount of 17 parts per trillion.

The Glen Head Well will need mitigation measures to address the presence of PFOS compounds. NYAW has already designed a treatment system that will remove the compounds from the water, and they are working through the permitting and approval process with the Nassau County Department of Health and the Town of Oyster Bay for this treatment. The treatment process requires the installation of four filtration cylinders that are 20-feet high at the Glen Head site so it requires review by the Town of Oyster Bay Zoning Board of Appeals. The Sea Cliff Board of Trustees supports the approval of these filters being installed as quickly as possible.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees will continue to make sure that our water supplier continues to meet the quality standards set by the State. Additionally, the Mayor and Board will continue to lead the charge to advocate for all Sea Cliff residents so that they are provided the highest quality water at the most reasonable price.  This is a hefty goal and we need the support of our State & Town elected officials whom we are working very closely with.

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