Sea Cliff Village Tax Bill have been mailed out, the due dates without late fees or penalty are as follows:

  • 1st half - July 22nd (the Mayor & Board of Trustees extented the July 1st deadline by 3 weeks due to the COVID-19 situation)
  • 2nd half - December 31st

If you want to personally deliver your tax payment rather than mail it, you can drop your envelope containing the check and stub in the book return slot of the main library (facing Central Avenue). The public is still not permitted in the building due to the COVID-9 situation.

The Village's final roll was published on or about April 1, 2020. In the normal course of business, a petitioner would have 30 days to file a tax certiorari petition and then, 15 days to serve the Village by personal service. However due to the outbreak of COVID19, Executive Order 202.8 by Governor Cuomo, has tolled the statute of limitations. Further, the March 22, 2020 Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts has suspended all tax certiorari filing, even e-filing.
On June 7, 2020 the tolling expired; therefore, please refer to the following:


  1. Due to the legal effect of the tolling, the Village of Sea Cliff 20/21 tax certiorari petitions may be filed no later than Tuesday July 7, 2020 @ 4:30PM;
  2. Service on the Village of Sea Cliff may be effectuated by e-mail delivery of the petitions to [email protected], along with delivery of a USB drive containing copies of the filings (with master list), to Sea Cliff Village Assessor 300 Sea Cliff Avenue, Sea Cliff, NY 11579;
  3. If service by electronic means is not possible, the Village will accept service by mail, package delivery service, or delivery to our outdoor drop-box (located on the Summit Avenue entrance to Village Hall. Note that thew Village will not allow entry to Village Hall for personal service; and
  4. If #2 or #3 above is complied with, the Village waives any defense based on personal service.

Where Do My Taxes Go?

 We all pay a lot of money in property taxes but is important to recognize that only 14% of a residents taxes go to the Village of Sea Cliff.


 If you own a median-priced home in Sea Cliff it’s assessed at about $759,000, you pay $2,670 per year in Village taxes. These tax dollars are used to ensure that a myriad of vital and quality of life services are provided including but not limited to ensuring that:

  • Your garbage and recycling are collected, streets are plowed, paved, patched, swept, striped, & signed, curbs and catch basins are maintained.
  • Municipal buildings, property and equipment are regularly maintained and kept in good repair. This includes Village Hall, two libraries, the firehouse, and the DPW facility.
  • Your seventeen Village Parks and the Village Beach are maintained.
  • Your remarkable volunteer fire & EMS department is sheltered, equipped, supported and maintained with a variety of trucks and gear, in order to respond effectively and safely to emergencies.
  • Your Building Department, Code Enforcement and Public Safety are working to ensure that the quaint community in which you live is kept safe.

Watch this video to learn more about Property Taxes & Assessments

The 2020 / 2021 Tentative Assessment Roll is now available to review (see link on left side of page). It can also be reviewed in person at Village Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Bruce Kennedy Assessor
Marianne Lennon Treasurer
Judy Phelps Tax Collector