Sea Cliff Village Taxes are due as follows:

  • 1st half - June 1st
  • 2nd half - December 1st 

Where Do My Taxes Go?

 We all pay a lot of money in property taxes but is important to recognize that only 14% of a residents taxes go to the Village of Sea Cliff.

 Your Tax Dollars

 If you own a median-priced home in Sea Cliff it’s assessed at about $759,000, you pay $2,670 per year in Village taxes. These tax dollars are used to ensure that a myriad of vital and quality of life services are provided including but not limited to ensuring that:

  • Your garbage and recycling are collected, streets are plowed, paved, patched, swept, striped, & signed, curbs and catch basins are maintained.
  • Municipal buildings, property and equipment are regularly maintained and kept in good repair. This includes Village Hall, two libraries, the firehouse, and the DPW facility.
  • Your seventeen Village Parks and the Village Beach are maintained.
  • Your remarkable volunteer fire & EMS department is sheltered, equipped, supported and maintained with a variety of trucks and gear, in order to respond effectively and safely to emergencies.
  • Your Building Department, Code Enforcement and Public Safety are working to ensure that the quaint community in which you live is kept safe.

Watch this video to learn more about Property Taxes & Assessments

The 2020 / 2021 Tentative Assessment Roll is now available to review (see link on left side of page). It can also be reviewed in person at Village Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Judy Phelps Tax Collector
Marianne Lennon Treasurer
Bruce Kennedy Assessor