Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 7:00pm



            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing will be held as to the following matter:


Agency:         Zoning Board of Appeals, Village of Sea Cliff

Date:              April 20, 2021

Time:              7:00 pm

Place:             Via Zoom teleconference and videoconference, as provided below


Subject:          Application of Paul and Suzanne Cullen 15 Foster Place, Sea Cliff, New York, to install an air conditioner condenser unit in a front yard, where no such unit is permitted pursuant to Village Code §138-516.  Premises are designated as Section 21, Block 197, Lot 128 on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map.


Application of Sally Davies, 58 8th Avenue, Sea Cliff, New York, to construct a one story addition, which construction requires variances of (a) Village Code §138-508, in that the stairs will be located 14.2 feet, the landing will be 16.7 feet, and the addition will be 20.7 feet, from Irving Place, where no building may be located within the 25 foot front yard setback, and (b) Village Code §138-1102, in that the construction results in an increase of an existing non-conformity, where no such alteration is permitted.  Premises are designated as Section 21, Block 89, Lot 23 on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map.


Application of Jeremy and Nicole Ecker, 30 Woodridge Lane, Sea Cliff, New York, to demolish an existing dwelling and construct a new dwelling, with a pool and associated improvements, which construction requires variances of: (a) Village Code §138-506, in that the front property line length is 75.05 feet, where a minimum of 100 feet is required, and (b) Village Code §138-1001, in that the curb cut will be within 4 feet of a property line, where no curb cut may be closer than 4 feet to any property line.  Premises are designated as Section 21, Block L, Lot 40 on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map.


The meeting and public hearings shall take place via teleconferencing and videoconferencing through Zoom, and the meeting will be recorded and a transcription will be provided at a later date.


            The Zoom login information is:


                        Password: 529708

Or dial by your location: +1 929 436 2866          

Plans and other materials associated with the application may be reviewed and downloaded at www.seacliff-ny.gov.

            Through Zoom, the public will have the opportunity to see and hear the meeting and hearings live.  Any interested member of the public may provide public comments by following the procedure herein. 


The Board will accept and consider public comments submitted by email or by mail to Village Hall, 300 Sea Cliff Avenue, Sea Cliff, New York 11579 if received, no later than 4:00pm on April 23, 2021.  Email comments are to be submitted to zba@seacliff-ny.gov.  Public comments must identify the application to which the comments apply.


            The Board will consider applications and may make final decisions at a meeting that will be scheduled to be held not less than one (1) week after the conclusion of a public hearing on an application.  Prior to rendering a determination, the Board will consider all timely submitted documents.


Dated: April 5, 2021


                                                BY ORDER OF THE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS