Facility Use Request

Use this form when applying to use Village facilities/parks/buildings. This is a two page form.

Building Permit Application

Use this form when applying for permits applicable to the Building Department.  Once completed you must submit in person, it cannot be submitted online.

Electrician Registration

This is a .pdf fillable form. Once completed you must print it and submit with all other required documents along with your payment. You cannot submit online.

Landscaper License Application

A .pdf fillabe form you can fill out, print and submit with fee for your license to be considered. Refer to landscapers guide for specifics.

Tree Removal Notification Online Form

This is an online form for use in notifying the Village of the intent to cut down a tree(s), up to 3 trees maximum for removal in any given one year period with diameters of 10 – 20 inches. There is a hard copy version available at Village Hall for those who do not wish to use the on-line system.

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