Common Links

You can access the Village codes here!

This is a  link to the electronic version of the Village of Sea Cliff Code, is representative of  that code and you will leave the Village website. There may have been updates to the Village Code not reflected here. Please see the Building Department regarding your project and the applicable codes before engaging in any project.


Curb specifications are a guide and represent minimum requirements. See the Code Enforcement Officer for specific directions.

Silt Fences

A guide to proper silt fence installation

Fire Blocking

A guide to proper fire blocking

Fire Sprinkler

Diagram of how they work

NYSDOH Septic Regulations

New York State Dept. of Health regulations for installation of septic systems & wells. These regulations can be confusing. It is best to discuss sizing and locating of your septic system with the Building Department before hiring your contractor.

Energy Code Flow Chart

This flow chart is representative of the process and requirements of the 2010 Energy Code