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2014 Sanitation Schedule

New Recycling Procedures:  Beginning July 31, 2013, all recycling will be picked up on Wednesdays only, except as noted during holiday weeks.  Sanitation crews will make two passes, one to pick up bottles and cans which should be placed separately in your regular recycle bin.  Cardboard and paper will be picked up on a second pass by sanitation crews.  Paper can now be placed in a separate recycling container and does not have to be bundled; however, it should be placed in a manner that does not allow it to blow around.  Cardboard boxes no longer need to be crushed; boxes may be placed inside other boxes.  These items will not be picked up on your normal garbage days.  For more information on recycling program, click the attached.  Recycling Pamplet

 These procedures will decrease the volume of waste and save tax dollars.

Oversize garbage cans are illegal! Notices of Violation will be issued for oversize cans. After that, Sanitation will not collect cans that are over 32-gallons in size.
 Recyclables are picked up curbside throughout the Village every Wednesday except during holiday weeks (see holiday garbage schedule).

Glass, plastics and metals:
Place glass plastics and tin cans in your recycling container. Rinse out glass, plastic and tin cans prior to placing these items in the container to prevent rodent infestation. If you need to replace your recycling container, a new one may be purchased at Village Hall.

Bundle newspapers and tie each bundle with cord. Do not place newspapers in plastic or brown paper bags.

Mixed paper:
Bundle mixed paper and tie with cord as you would newspapers.

Call Village Hall at 671-0080 to arrange for a pick up of metal objects, e.g. metal lawn furniture, satellite dishes, metal ladders, etc.

Recycling Center:
 The Department of Public Works Recycling Center, located on Altamont Avenue, is open on Thursdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Prohibited items:
The following items should not be recycled: ceramics, porcelain and Corningware, plastic containers rated 6 or higher or not marked as recyclable, deposit bottles, windows, light bulbs, plastic bags, Styrofoam, brown paper bags, books, telephone directories, carbon paper, cardboard, food cartons, photographs, paint cans, motor oil cans or any can which once contained pollutants, PVC and metal pipes and cook ware.
What not to bring:
Herbicides containing 2,4,5-T and 2, 4-D, such as Weed-B-Gone, kepone, explosives or fireworks, radioactive materials, infectious materials and unlabeled materials.
Acceptable for electronic waste recycling:
Computer monitors and hard drives, cell phones, printers, pagers, keyboards, VCRs, copiers and fax machines and stereos.
Unacceptable for electronic waste recycling:
Smallhousehold appliances, television sets and microwave ovens.
For additional information about the S.T.O.P. Program and the disposal of large metal and concrete debris, call the Town of Oyster Bay Dept of Environmental Resources at 677-5935 or download this flyer.

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